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1970         Seine-Saint-Denis General Council Award

 1972        Mention at the Salon of French Artists

                 Prize of the Cultural Circle of Neuilly-sur-marne

1973          Painting prize of Sevran town

                Prize of the European Academy of Arts

1974          Silver medal from town of Villemomble

                  Composition prize - Noisy-le-sec

1975          First Grand Prize of the City Council of Clichy-sous-bois

                  Le Raincy Art Gallery Grand Prize

1979          “Signatures” Award - Violet Legion

                  Gold medal from the town of Montfermeil

1981           Guest of honour in Douai (City Hall)


1984          Silver medal from the city of Paris


1986          La Baule City Painting Grand Prize

1988          Grand Prize of France for Plastic Arts

1990          Second Grand Prix with honors of Benodet


1992          First Prize at the Biarritz Art Festival


1993           Guest of honour at St Michel Chef Chef


1994           Medal of Honor of the city of La Baule


1998           Medal of Honorof the city of SLAB


2000          Guest of honour at SLAB Autumn Fair La Baule

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