Raphy, artiste peintre

The topics of inspiration of Raphy are permanently in his spirit. They are often intermingled. He works slowly, meditating unceasingly on the colors, the forms, the contrasts, the effects obtained, the unit.
He very often takes again its fabrics, using much the transparencies, the mediums. Forms and colors appear, disappear, change, lengthen, intersect, linked, harmonized, burst and... fix themselves.

Inspiration come from the universe and the creation of the world.

"The life is girl of gravitation, the life is spiral. Did the life occur by the effect of the variations of gravity due to the rotation of the moon around the ground? These variations of gravity printed on the terrestrial matter the concept of RATE/RHYTHM. The life would not exist without the rate/rhythm" said Anton Dvorak.

The moon, mother of the loves, rate/rhythm fecundation and life.

Another inspiration source is the travel, the escape in elsewhere, past, the return on oneself. The research topic of past also finds in a series of fabrics entitled "Memories".

The miracles, the faith, resurrection, the sea, the tide... These works are generally entitled "Navy".

The wind, the storm the music. Theses topics are underlined in the fabrics entitled "Songs".

Raphy thinks that his works has to talk by itself without any commentary.

It's only with the last key that the fabrics not find its true significance... sometimes twenty years afterwards!


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